better-call-saulIn a not-that-difficult second episode, Nick and Alastair look at the return of Better Call Saul at the 1:20 mark (plus Gotham’s prequel problems and the terrible omen of Bryan Cranston), the upcoming DC Comics Rebirth at 16:12 (plus how superhero comics are morphing into Doctor Who and the recent Iron Fist casting controversy) and the possibility of more adult-rated superhero movies after the success of Deadpool at 32:44 (plus eternal hope for sexy Gambit and Wolverine’s stabby vendetta against walls and robots).

Returning for a second week at 45:50, it’s our still-nameless recommendations feature! Nick reports back on quietly squelchy crime series Messiah II, then recommends Alastair his first comic book in years. What will it be?

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