Festive joy abounds! It’s the twenty-fourth of December, and in what might be their best approximation of a Christmas special yet, Nick and Alastair are here to talk about The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special and the festive Euphoria bonus episode Trouble Don’t Last Always.

But first, Nick keeps the holiday spirit rolling with Netflix’s Norwegian seasonal romcom Home For Christmas, while Alastair’s festively seen… historical Hollywood biopic Mank. Oh well.

But then they’re right into the timely material with The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (12:19), which… you’d think might be borderline unreviewable, and funnily enough, around the 19:45 mark, they wander off to chat about the recent Mandalorian season 2 finale (with FULL SPOILERS, be warned) and their thoughts on the recent Star Wars spin-off armada announced by Disney.

And lastly, it’s Euphoria: Trouble Don’t Last Always (37:02), a seasonal episode of the stare-into-the-void teen drama, which turns out to be… not quite as big a bummer as Nick expected. (But still a bit bleak at times.)

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