punisher-bornREMINDER: MFV #6 is going to be a few days late so we can incorporate a Captain America: Civil War review. Sorry for your anguish, hopefully it’ll be worth it. The episode will likely be with you some time on Sunday.

As a small consolation prize, Nick has managed to carve out a record-breaking fourth deleted scene from MFV #5! And it’s Marvel related! Specifically, an extended chunk from our Punisher comics discussion. What do the team think of the mysterious narrator voice in Punisher: Born? Good idea? Bad idea? Too ambiguous or not ambiguous enough?

To hear the full Punisher: Born and From First To Last chat, click hear to get the full MFV #5 experience. (Also features The Witch, Serial and Her Story.)

ipad-806394_640Today’s offcut is from our Her Story piece. What took us so long to cover video games on MFV and why did we end up choosing an old-ish one that is more of an interactive video story? The answers and more, as we briefly discuss our technical limitations and the emergence of gaming as a storytelling medium. Now, if anyone fancies buying us both an X Box One so we can be more timely with new games, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

If you enjoyed this brief chunk, check out the full-length podcast it came from, where we review Her Story in full, as well as other things such as Serial and The Witch.

herstoryOne of the funnest things about the game Her Story is the opportunity to theorise about how the fragmented narrative fits together. Well, a quick Google shows us that it’s possible to keep going long after the gameplay finishes. Here’s a longer version of our chat from MFV #5 about fan theories and which are best. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY.

If you want to hear the rest of our Her Story conversation, as well as The Witch, Serial and more, listen to the entire fifth episode here.

serial-logoA brief cut from our Serial season 2 chat where we step outside the actual content of those shows to talk about the general role of Serial in the Mainstream Podcast Revolution that’s totally happening. If you ever wanted some really vague (and unsurprising) details about how MFV is recorded, this is your clip.

And if you want to listen to the full podcast episode this extract was cut from, this is your link.

The WitchFive episodes in and Nick and Alastair are spanning mediums like a common HTML tag refusing to accept the results of his psychic reading.

So we’re taking in recent hit horror movie The Witch at 2:23 (plus Alastair’s problems with recent horror and Nick’s amusement at livestock), the second season of mega-podcast Serial at 17:08 (plus the natural excitement of murder and the dangers of doorstepping) and the BAFTA-winning video game Her Story at 32:23 (plus the fun of fragmented narratives and the truth about human nature).

BEWARE: plot spoilers in both The Witch and Her Story sections, though we flag the major ones shortly beforehand.

Lastly at 46:47, Nick recommended Alastair two Punisher books by Garth Ennis last episode – Punisher: Born and Punisher: From First To Last. This fortnight, we find out whether roaming the streets gunning down criminals is his sort of thing. Oh, and stick around after that for some hot info about MFV #6.

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lego-batman-supermanA truly excessive episode of Excessive Fantasy Violence, incorporating all our various offcuts from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice discussion! Yes, Lego Batman is involved! You’re right, Alastair did just compare the movie to religious indoctrination! Plus Nick questions DC’s very grip on their own properties.

Listen to the whole episode, including half an hour of Batman V Superman chat and Daredevil too, by clicking here!

Luke Cage!Snipped from the end of our Daredevil season 2 segment, a little chat about the upcoming Marvel Defenders team-up series featuring DD, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. (And possibly the Punisher too.) Do we think it’ll be good? What is our big idea for how they’ll bring them together?

If you like this tiny bit, you can try the entire hour-long podcast it was taken from here.

GRUMPERMANOur first deleted scene from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice chat is our discussion of the final section of the film. This includes the very last plot event – if you’ve seen the movie, you know the one we mean. If you haven’t, be warned before you listen: massive spoiler. Also features Alastair getting quite angry on behalf of Sir Christopher Wren.

If you want to hear the podcast this was cut from (including a lot more Alastair-rage), click here.