Nearly three months since the last episode, Nick and Alastair are back! Neither coronavirus nor Nick’s inability to edit on his crappy laptop could defeat them!

Up-to-date new episodes forthcoming, but before that, here’s the first of two our dedicated heroes recorded during their unwilling hiatus – the Moderate Fantasy Violence review of 2019!

Including such topical affairs as a review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker instead of a recommendation section, plus some largely inaccurate Oscar predictions. And yes, due to the belated nature of the episode, no mention of a certain virus.

But most importantly, at long last, Nick and Alastair get stuck into the usual end-of-year admin, chatting about the year in TV (11:42) before counting down their 5 favourites each (27:41), before doing the same for film – first they chat (53:25), then they chart (61:05).

What was their favourite release of the year? What other shows, movies and trends caught their eye? Well, hopefully if you’ve paid attention, you know what it wasn’t…

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