It’s the episode of Alastair’s dreams this fortnight, as our heroes finally discuss two Oscar Best Picture nominees back to back – The Banshees of Inisherin, followed by Triangle of Sadness.

But first up, in less prestigious territory, Nick’s caught up with the final season of the BBC’s His Dark Materials adaptation, while Alastair’s starting up on Wednesday, the mega-hit goth teen show on Netflix.

And then they finally get their glad rags on and head to the ceremony, starting up with The Banshees of Inisherin (13:01), a movie about two men not talking to each other. Sadly, despite Nick’s best efforts, this review did not end up just being ten minutes of silence.

And last of all, Triangle of Sadness (23:52), a movie about awkwardness, the desolate life of the rich, and vomiting. A lot of vomiting.

As ever, apologies to the cast and crew of both these films if being featured on this podcast proves to be the kiss of awards death.

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