Nick and Alastair return with their first episode of the year to be recorded within a week of release! And as you’d expect with the times, it’s all TV – specifically Doctor Who series 12 and Better Call Saul season 5.

But first, some talk of other media they’ve enjoyed in these closed off times. Alastair’s subscribed to Disney Plus (along with the rest of the UK, including Nick), while Nick went back and read all 75 issues of The Sandman.

And then on to today’s main business, as Nick and Alastair go back to review Doctor Who series 12 (15:21) and find out if it’s any improvement on the last one, including spoilers for those big finale twists from 29:43.

Lastly, almost bringing them all the way up to date, they’ve also seen the first 6 episodes of Better Call Saul season 5 (39:03) and are getting very emotional about the fate of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship.

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