Back to the normal fortnightly schedule, albeit with a new dual review format, Nick and Alastair continue their hiatus catch-up with the final season of The Good Place, then catch back up to reality with new movie The Platform.

But first, Nick’s caught up on former podcast subject Curse Words, the funtasy comic by Charles Soule and Ryan Brown, while Alastair’s embarked on a rigorous lockdown entertainment programme of Mission Impossible movies and Ken Burns documentaries.

And then it’s time for one final trip to The Good Place (14:51), as the clever-stupid afterlife sitcom concludes. Since the finale went out a couple of months ago, our heroes let the spoilers hang loose on this one. You have been warned.

And finally, a grimmer abstract vision with Netflix’s grisly horror-scifi-thriller movie The Platform (35:58), a film which may or may not contain political metaphor. And a review which also contains a few spoilers, by the way. (Including hard ending details from about 46:18.)

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