This fortnight, uninspired by recent releases, Nick and Alastair delve into the old days to each bring a recommendation to the pod-table. Alastair volunteers for popular child-slaughter movie Battle Royale, while Nick signs up to contemplative spy comic Zero.

But first, Nick’s gone even further into the misty past by reading a load of David Lapham’s classic indie crime comic series Stray Bullets, while Alastair’s making one token effort to stay topical with season 2 of Amazon’s Hanna adaptation.

And then they finally get onto the Battle Royale (13:52) island, with discussion of its trashy grindy gore, before trying to work out if they fully understood the ending. (So yeah, maybe some mild spoilers for this quite old film.)

Lastly, they go deep under with Zero (29:36), by Ales Kot and various artists (Michael Walsh, Tradd Moore, Mateus Santolouco, Morgan Jeske and Will Tempest, to be specific). And after the giddy bloodsport of Battle Royale, Kot’s here to make them wonder: is violence… bad, actually? 

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