This fortnight, Nick and Alastair return to streaming TV, as you always knew they would, with The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and Muppets Now on Disney+.

But first, they’ve both been hitting the HBO sitcoms for some premium laughs – Alastair with Silicon Valley and Nick with Insecure.

And then it’s time for The Umbrella Academy (11:07) to wow everyone with their wacky antics, inconsistent time travel and dubious taste in music. Nick and Alastair manage not to spoil the season that much, although some plot events are mentioned.

Lastly, they’ve watched the opening three episodes of Muppets Now (33:20), so must answer the big questions: can the Muppets work in 2020? And… can you really review them like this?

Finally, if anyone in the MFV audience is interested, Nick has a new comics Kickstarter coming up, an urban fantasy crime story called And It Snowed. Click here to sign up for a notification when it launches (or, if you’re reading this during September 2020, your pledges would be much appreciated!).

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