This fortnight, reality itself is crumbling as Nick and Alastair cover games-come-t0-life movie Free Guy and Marvel’s multiverse-humping animated series What If…?

But first, Nick follows up on recommending Chew many years ago by reading new prequel comic Chu, and yes, talking about the difference between these two on an audio podcast proves hard work. Meanwhile, Alastair’s watched the next few episodes of Lupin, a much simpler choice.

And then time to log on to their main features with Free Guy (10:06), in which Ryan Reynolds plays a video game NPC named Guy who starts to wonder if his life lacks purpose, a plot which only somewhat closely resembles Nick’s 2019 comic The Catalyst.

Lastly, a look at the opening episodes of What If…? (25:16), the latest show from Marvel/Disney+, showing us how our lives could’ve been different if Peggy Carter became Captain America, or if Nick & Alastair never started this podcast. (That one is coming up in season 1 episode 11.)

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