Moderate Fantasy Violence logoModerate Fantasy Violence is a fortnightly podcast about pop culture and the world around it, hosted by Nick Bryan and Alastair JR Ball. Each week, we discuss a few recent cultural news stories or releases and explore the wider issues reflected in these stories.

Topics range from TV to comic books, social media to film, sometimes even other podcasts or news stories. Nick will probably go off on a tangent about comics, Alastair more likely about politics. Both are equally valid and acceptable.

We also chop a few good-but-tangential discussions out of most episodes, as part of our desperate bid to keep the show under an hour. It’s possible to listen to those on this very website under the brand name Excessive Fantasy Violence.

You can subscribe to MFV on iTunes, and if you fancy leaving a review, that does a lot for a podcast’s chances. The raw RSS feed can be found here if your podcast reader uses that. If there is a podcast platform you’d like to listen to us on, get in touch as below and we’ll see if we can get ourselves added.

Your best bets for contacting us are by email at or via Twitter where we are @MFVPodcast. (Yes, our name is too long to be a username.)