orange-is-the-new-black-season-5-teaser-041217-920x584Our first deleted chunk for a while – turns out we can bang on for hours about Orange Is The New Black, as it’s one of our favourite shows. So here’s a short chunk cut from MFV #39 where we get a bit overly specific about our favourite characters and how they’re used in the fifth season.

Hear our full OITNB discussion in the episode here, along with Orphan Black, American Gods and more!

the-hanging-treeA spoilery clip cut from our discussion of The Hanging Tree (the new Rivers of London novel by Ben Aaronovitch), because putting ending spoilers for a fairly recent novel in our general podcast seemed bad form. But we hate to waste content, so here they are, just in case anyone wants to hear it anyway. Also Nick spoils a plot move from the first couple of Luke Cage episodes, though it’s quite an obvious one. Consider yourselves thoroughly warned.

To hear our full The Hanging Tree discussion, along with The Grand Tour, Class and Taxi Driver, click here to get hold of MFV #22!

the-walking-dead-zombiesFor the first time in a while, a deleted chunk from the last episode – Nick and Alastair talk about The Walking Dead and how it endures despite just being the same cycle of suffering again and again. (Well, okay, it’s mostly Nick as Alastair doesn’t watch it.)

To hear the rest of our short Walking Dead chat, including thoughts on how they resolved the season 6 cliffhanger, along with longer segments on Black Mirror, Arrival and more, click here for MFV #20!

The Man From Mo WaxThis is Alastair’s final update from the 60th BFI London Film Festival. For the end of the festival I saw The Man From Mo-Wax, Snowden and The Gual. Above you can listen to what I thought of each of them. The Man From Mo-Wax is a music documentary about James Lavelle, Snowden is Oliver Stone’s biopic of Edward Snowden and The Gual is a low budget British psychological thriller.

snowdenThis is my final update from this year’s London Film Festival. It was a great festival. At the end of the recording I choose my favourite films from the entire festival.

A Monster CallsThis is Alastair’s second update from the 60th BFI London Film Festival. I have scene four more films: A Monster Calls, Planetarium, Arrival and The Stopover. The recording in this post contains my initial thoughts on all of them. A Monster Calls is a YA drama based on the novel by Patrick Ness, Planetarium is a drama about French filmmakers in the 1930s, Arrival is a high concept sci-fi film and The Stopover is a French film about three female soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

The StopoverThere will be more discussion of these films in future MFV episodes and in future posts on this website. Keep alter for those and let us know what you thought of these films or any others films you saw at the festival on social media.

TowerAlastair has spent the last few days at the 60th BFI London Film Festival. He has seen four films so far: The 13th, Tower, Spaceship and The Worthy. The attached recoding has some off the cuff thoughts about each of them. The 13th is a documentary about the rising rates of incrassation of African Americans; it is hard-hitting, very detailed and really interesting. Tower is a rotoscoped documentary about a mass shooting in Texas in the 1960s. Spaceship is a British indie film and the Worthy is a tense thriller set in a post- apocalyptic Saudi Arabia.

The WorthyThere will be more discussion of the films on at the festival in future MFVs and in another Excessive Fantasy Violence festival summary. Watch out for those on the website and do let us know in the comment or on social media if you have seen any films at the festival that you would recommend.

SINK-CpmEHa_WYAAwZiaOne last hoorah for our Nine Worlds coverage – this is Nick talking in his hotel room moments before leaving the convention for the year. (With some heckling from his girlfriend.) Cut from our main episode for reasons of length and slight redundancy, but if you want one more chance to experience the con vibe, this is your moment!

(Pictured to the left – our hotel sink, mere feet from where this audio was recorded.)

And if you want plenty more on-site Nine Worlds audio from both Nick and Alastair, you can listen to MFV #14 here! Unless you already have!

oitnbIn a short extract trimmed from the end of our Orange Is The New Black sequence in MFV #10, find out who Alastair’s favourite character is! Then discover, yet again, that he seems really worried about shows he loves turning into Lost. Well, I guess some shows just really traumatise you.

Listen to the full MFV #10 here in various forms, including coverage of Orange Is The New Black, Outcast and Orphan Black.