Merry Christmas! Let’s mention it here since Nick and Alastair barely do in the episode! Because they’re too busy reviewing Doctor Who: Flux and Wrath of Man!

And yes, sorry to say Wrath of Man comes to you instead of the promised Spider-Man: No Way Home, as Team MFV didn’t make it out to the cinema due to the Omicron variant. Much to Nick’s extreme disappointment.

But first, Nick’s channelling his Spider-FOMO into the subtle tension of The Americans, while Alastair’s ending the year as he spent most of it – watching subtitled Netflix drama, specifically My Name.

And then they hit Doctor Who: Flux (11:00), complete with full total ending spoilers. Will Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor finish on a high, or slink out quiet and shamed?

Lastly, Nick and Alastair explore the Wrath of Man (26:47) with Jason Statham, in a movie which might be a subtle, nuanced exploration of male rage. They’re not sure.

One thing’s for sure, though – it’s not the new Spidey sequel.

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