moderatefantasy-violenceOur sweet sixteen! Other important milestones in this episode – Nick finishes watching Chuck after about a year and Alastair books his London Film Festival movies!

More to the point, we catch up to the zeitgeist with Netflix’s scary-nostalgia-saga Stranger Things (4:05, INCLUDES ENDING SPOILERS), then go a little more specialist with Spanish subtitled film Julieta (24:04) and The Divine Comedy’s new album Foreverland (34:51).

As promised in the episode, if anyone’s interested in the Sodajerker on Songwriting podcast with Neil Hannon (of The Divine Comedy), it’s very good and can be found at this link here.

the_divine_comedy_foreverland_artLastly, Nick somehow hasn’t seen The Fifth Element (44:18), but Alastair’s latest recommendation will sort that out.

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