Only took twenty-four podcasts, but Nick and Alastair are finally in the same room for this bonus year-in-review episode!

They attempt to talk down 2016 as a year in film and television, starting with a general chat about movies lately (1:19) before moving on to each listing their top five films covered in 2016 and negotiating them into a unified MFV top 3 without coming to blows (12:48). And if you want to read the good article about Arrival that Nick mentions during this bit, it’s linked here.

And if that wasn’t enough, they do the same for TV – a little broad discussion (27:07), followed by chart listings (39:05).

Finally, needing a little mutual back-slapping after all that controversy, they each give their favourites of the other’s 2016’s recommendations (59:55). All that and the first ever live incident of the Moderate Fantasy Violence drinking game!

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