This fortnight, Nick and Alastair take on the first two episodes of Doctor Who to feature Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor!

But first, Nick talks about his return to undead procedural show iZombie, while Alastair’s been off watching his annual assortment of cinema treats at the London Film Festival.

And then it’s time for the first two episodes (not the third, sorry, scheduling) of Doctor Who (13:11), beginning a new era of Chris Chibnall as showrunner and Whittaker as the first female Doctor. Can they possibly live up to expectations?

And then we ask related important question: how much do production values matter? (35:59)

This episode is sponsored (spiritually, not financially) by new comic The Little Deaths of Watson Tower, written by our very own Nick Bryan and drawn by Rosie Alexander. It’s a short story about a group of kids who are turned into tiny grim reapers and end up confronting death at various levels.

Check out Rosie’s excellent cover to the right, and if you want to check it out, click here to see more details, see interior art and buy it in either print or PDF form.

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