Nick and Alastair cover the last month in expansive form, with a packed episode covering Spider-Man: No Way Home (at last!), The Matrix: Resurrections (surprise extra!) and Dexter: New Blood (uh-oh!).

But first, even more franchises folded in, with recent Doctor Who special Eve of the Daleks, plus Alastair’s seen the latest season of The Witcher.

And then, a full month after release, Nick (and also Alastair) has finally seen Spider-Man: No Way Home (15:56), and they’ve got a lot to say, including full film-ruining spoilers from 22:30.

As a small apology for trying and failing to cover Spidey before Christmas, they’ve slotted in a bonus un-trailed review of The Matrix: Resurrections (40:20), including scattered spoilers throughout.

Lastly, Nick and Alastair return to the scene of the crime with Dexter: New Blood (52:05), a show they enjoyed a lot in its heyday. Can this revival mini-series recapture any of the old killer magic? Finding out will require full-on ending spoilers from 63:05.

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