This fortnight, the Netflix don’t start til Nick and Alastair walk in, as they cover Enola Holmes and Teenage Bounty Hunters.

But first – if you happen to be reading this before midday UK time on release day (October 1st 2020), you might only have minutes to back Nick’s new comic Kickstarter! If that’s something you want to do.

Anyway – back in the normal schedule, Nick and Alastair are recommending stuff, such as Batman-adjacent police comic Gotham Central, and harrowing-sounding films like The Nightingale and Bait.

Before finally launching into today’s full reviews with junior detective movie Enola Holmes (10:28), starring Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock’s younger sister in a fun kids’ adventure.

And they round it off with some less wholesome (yet still very likable) investigative antics in Teenage Bounty Hunters (23:50), a silly action-comedy-drama from the producers of their beloved Orange Is The New Black. Just FYI, includes spoilers for a big midway twist from 36:44, followed by full-on ending ruiners from 40:15.

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