This fortnight, the streaming TV continues unabated, as Nick and Alastair get into the new season of The Boys, plus go a little more obscure with new German scifi drama Biohackers.

But first, Alastair goes way undercover to document Sacha Baron Cohen’s turn to serious acting in The Spy, while Nick’s studying long distance hiking with Luke Healy’s graphic novel Americana (and the act of getting over it), with a shout to other quality travel comics, such as Pyongyang by Guy Delisle and Follow Me In by Katriona Chapman.

That done, they delve back into The Boys season 2 (10:26) – or at least, the four episodes released so far. And although the violence against deserving superheroes is brutal and explicit, they only use hardcore spoilers from around 28:14.

And not for long, because at 32:11, it’s time to chat about Biohackers, the new Netflix show where the miraculous genetic manipulation seems wholly plausible compared to some of the main character’s complex masterplans.

Lastly, yes, if you’re interested in backing Nick’s new comic And It Snowed on Kickstarter, you’ve got two weeks left! By the time the next episode goes up, it’ll be just hours!

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