This fortnight, Nick and Alastair top and tail the telly, with the opening chunk of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 and the back end of The Boys season 2.

But first, Alastair’s meditating upon the intellectual side of things with The Queen’s Gambit, while Nick’s escaping from the world entirely with ludicrous satancrime show Lucifer.

After which, our heroes return to Star Trek: Discovery (9:07) to check out the opening four episodes of season 3 with very few spoilers and… moan about how everyone’s too nice to each other? Make your mind up, Nick.

Lastly, time for another crack at The Boys (26:21) after covering the opening of season 2 a few episodes ago, this time taking it all the way to the end. Since Nick and Alastair are returning to the scene of this crime a while after it was committed, they’re allowing themselves full total spoilers from the start, right up to the final plot twist. Consider yourself warned.

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