elleThe big three-one! Moving into the thirties with good range, as Nick and Alastair start with brief chat about the poetry of Kate Tempest and Archie-murder series Riverdale. Then it’s on to new movie Elle (9:19) which, for anyone sensitive about such content, means talking a fair bit about the film’s handling of rape.

sleaford_mods_english_tapas_grandeIf you’d rather not listen, you can skip to 25:44 and the album English Tapas by Sleaford Mods, a band Nick hadn’t previously heard. Lastly, Alastair’s recommendation: Heat (38:46), a 1995 crime epic with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.

If you’re wondering why there’s only three items this episode – the fourth for the fortnight was in MFV #30, an off-schedule special where we talked Logan with guest Chris Brosnahan. It was fun, click that link and check it out.

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