loganEpisode thirty! We’re old, but not as old as Wolverine! Logan goes full grizzled in his new movie, and Nick and Alastair celebrate by releasing an off-schedule special, and bringing on writer, occasional stand-up comedian and X-Men fan Chris Brosnahan to help deal with the dystopian misery of it all. But first, an epic recommendations three-way, taking in The Love Witch, American Horror Story, Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, Jerusalem by Alan Moore and Twin Peaks. Runs longer than usual, mostly because Chris makes the mistake of getting Nick started about Spider-Man clones.

Speaking of which – the Life of Reilly blog series Chris mentions can be found at this link and is a fascinating look behind the scenes of that storyline. Nick’s post on our own website about the Clone Saga, which Alastair had to mention for him, is at this link right here.

old man loganBut we eventually start on our main feature: spoiler-free Logan chat at 18:40, followed by the full-fat ruinous stuff from 27:52 onwards. Is it good? In a superhero way or a proper film way? Do we know what a fight is really like? Which actor surprised us with his strong performance? Which Marvel hero did incest in the original Old Man Logan comics? All this and more! If you enjoy Chris’s appearance here, you can follow him on Twitter as @ChrisBrosnahan.

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