The podcast is firmly back on Nick’s superhero territory this fortnight, with the second season of power-based sitcom Extraordinary and the first two issues of the new Ultimate Spider-Man series from Marvel Comics.

But first, Alastair’s sticking to his credible guns with new Spielberg war drama Masters of the Air, while Nick’s been stabbing and snotting in Dead Cells.

After which, it’s time to experience the life of a tryhard London waster in Extraordinary season 2 ( 20:40). Will there be a happily-ever-after for Jen and Jizzlord?

And lastly, for the second time in the history of this podcast, it’s time to read the opening issues of Ultimate Spider-Man (36:02), but this time Peter Parker is a middle-aged man suffering from a vague malaise. The media seems particularly relatable this episode.

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