lego-batman-movie-poster-charactersTwenty-eight episodes, just like there are days in February! This time, Nick and Alastair both read actual books – specifically Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway and Maus by Art Spiegelman – and one probably had a cheerier time than the other.

But at least both enjoyed The Lego Batman Movie (5:25), an exercise in joyous Batglee like no other. Good to be back on the comic adaptations for 2017.

t2-trainspotting-teaserIn other franchise-sequel news, it’s time for T2 Trainspotting (20:41) (and for Nick to watch the original movie). Can these Scottish heroin addicts anchor a franchise with as much panache as Batman? Sticking with superheroes and tripping out, next it’s time to try X-Men-adjacent TV show Legion (36:09).

Riget(1)_foto_Henrik DithmerFinally, Alastair recommended Nick the Danish surreal-horror show The Kingdom (48:08). Did he like it? Will he include clips of its amazing theme tune in the show? (Yes.)

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