This fortnight, Nick and Alastair look on the sunny side of life with Pixar’s Turning Red and… the other one with The Boys: Diabolical.

But first, Alastair’s finally seen enough Oscar movies to take a shot at predicting the results (and yes, since the ceremony has aired since this episode was recorded, you’ll already know if he was right). (This also means no jokes about Will Smith.) Meanwhile, Nick’s getting into the spirit of the season with Weezer’s new timely EP SZNZ: Spring.

And then our heroes cast aside their many worries and wish they were a red panda with Turning Red (13:46).

Last of all, Nick and Alastair have seen The Boys: Diabolical (25:04), a new animated anthology from the world of Amazon’s superhero-bashing show. And yes, an animated anthology can only mean one thing: top three countdown time!

Finally, a reminder that Nick’s latest comics Kickstarter is still running, and by the time the next MFV pod goes up, it’ll be hours from the end. So really it makes more sense to head over and back now.

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