This fortnight, Nick and Alastair begin a long dark journey into the depths of the human soul with The Batman and Euphoria season 2.

But first, in a rare brighter moment, Nick’s finally watched Agents of SHIELD season 7, while Alastair’s slightly more up to date with The Dropout.

After which, they zip up their cowls and dive into the dark heart of Gotham with The Batman (12:53). Does the world need another gritty Batfilm? And should it be this one specifically?

Relatedly, Euphoria season 2 (29:22) dares to ask – what if the whole world was really bad?

And finally – as you’ll know almost immediately if you listen to this podcast episode, Nick has a new comics Kickstarter running for his epic fun-goth dark magic graphic novel Death of a Necromancer with Robert Ahmad, David Cooper and DC Hopkins. Fancy giving it a look, and maybe backing for this powerful journey into the dark? Head on over and get involved.

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