This fortnight, there’s all kinds of sinister things happening at the universities, as Nick and Alastair cover polarising dark academia movie Saltburn and edgy superkids-at-uni show Gen V, a spin-off from The Boys.

But first, Alastair’s seen thoughtful new relationship drama movie Past Lives, while Nick’s read Home Sick Pilots, a very good comic about haunted houses turning into robots.

And then, at last, time to head out to the posh underbelly of Saltburn (13:49), where our heroes manage not to explicitly spoil the film’s ending, but do discuss the general shape of it quite a bit. If you feel strongly about remaining unaware, you may want to watch the movie first.

Finally, Nick and Alastair go on exchange to Gen V (37:05), to find out how the superheroes do student hedonism and whether this spin-off justifies its own existence.

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