It’s the MFV super-festive late-2000s nostalgia Christmas event, as Nick and Alastair cover the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, featuring David Tennant back as the Doctor, and new anime semi-sequel Scott Pilgrim Takes Off!

But first, Nick’s watched a whole other Netflix anime, in the form of robot murder-mystery Pluto, while Alastair’s eschewing the future for Roman times in Domina.

After all that, they finally return to the glory days of their early twenties with the Doctor Who specials (11:38) featuring the Fourteenth Doctor played by the Tenth Doctor, while also introducing the Fifteenth Doctor. Just to make everything clear.

And last of all, it’s time for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (36:36) on Netflix, exploring the very notion of being a late-2000s manchild.

Multiple spoilers for both Who and Pilgrim scattered throughout their respective reviews – if anyone’s super-invested in either and hasn’t seen them, probably don’t listen to this yet. Especially the Pilgrim anime, there’s a lot of joy in experiencing that unspoilt.

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