power rangersThirty-three Power Rangers is less than it takes to change a light bulb! Time to review the new Power Rangers movie, and to do this epic justice, Nick and Alastair bring in mighty morphin’ mega-fan PDT, co-host of RangerPod and The Mostly Made-Up Doctor Who Episode Guide! Before getting stuck into the dinosaur meat, they quickly discuss such random intake as Designated Survivor, Ghost in the Shell (not the new one) and the recent Flash/Supergirl musical crossover episode!

PowerRangers-old-schoolThen, at around 8:28, it’s time to morph all the way and get stuck into Power Rangers in some detail. Could the film meet everyone’s expectations? What did PDT think of epilogue comic Power Rangers: Aftershock? Is Alpha 5 still annoying? Which Ranger is the Wolverine of the franchise? All this and much, much more.

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