Nick and Alastair made it to the century! One hundred podcasts! Has… the world improved yet?

Oh well, never mind. To celebrate, they’re covering the new Breaking Bad epilogue movie El Camino, then recommending each other some teenage favourites: A Room For Romeo Brass and Transmetropolitan.

But first, Nick’s seen recent HBO the-teens-aren’t-alright drama Euphoria, while Alastair’s made his annual rounds of London Film Festival and seen… all kinds of stuff.

And then they’re on to El Camino (13:10), to find out what happened to much-abused relatable meth cook Jesse Pinkman after Breaking Bad finished.

With their present day obligations discharged, Nick and Alastair dive into some celebratory nostalgia, trying to bring you some insight into what the hell they’re about (if ninety-nine podcasts of chat wasn’t enough) by throwing their youthful media favourites in for discussion.

First up, Alastair brings in Shane Meadows’ debut feature A Room For Romeo Brass (20:36), a thoughtful British comedy drama featuring an early performance from Paddy Considine, and then Nick chucks out Transmetropolitan (35:03), the gonzo cyber-punk journalist comic by Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson.

And with that, it’s time to move on. To MFV #101, obviously.

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