got-s6-facesHere’s our eleventh episode, in which we mostly don’t talk about the current Brexit-fuelled political turmoil in the UK! You might spot some frustration leaking through during the Independence Day 2 section.

But focusing on the fiction: we gaze upon the whole of Game of Thrones season 6 (5:51), before moving on to hardcore nuke-on-child action in Independence Day: Resurgence (26:24) and then Within The Wires (44:43), a new podcast from Team Night Vale – plus some chat about how Alice Isn’t Dead is holding up.

within-the-wires(Check out our initial review of the first Alice Isn’t Dead episode back in MFV #3 if you like.)

Finally, Nick introduces Alastair to Dead Like Me (54:25), a grim reaper show that warmed his cold dark-comedy-loving heart back when it first aired.

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