This fortnight, after a few weeks of teasing, Nick and Alastair make a full-on journey into the Dark, with the third and final season of Netflix’s epic German timetravel saga, followed by new comics-based action movie The Old Guard.

But before that, Alastair’s stuck to the foreign-language Netflix scifi theme with Russian robot scifi show Better Than Us, while Nick switches over to evil human creatures in HBO’s Succession.

And then, at last, it’s time to turn off the lights and keep it Dark (13:28), with an opening summary chat containing only a few broad season 1-2 spoilers, before they drop the full spoilers warning at 27:09 and wade all the way into ending details. Only some of this podcast is about our heroes checking with each other that they actually understood the show.

Lastly, as a palette cleanser, Nick and Alastair watch The Old Guard (43:15), once a comic they covered way back in 2017, and now a zippy action movie starring Charlize Theron.

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