Captain+America-+Civil+WarIt’s our first ever specially recorded Excessive Fantasy Violence special, so we can discuss Captain America: Civil War with full total spoilers! Seriously, we start picking apart the ending about thirty seconds in. If you don’t want to know until you’ve seen it, don’t listen to this clip. (And we also kinda spoil the end of the original Civil War comic from years ago, just FYI.) In this first half, we discuss the final showdown, how much it’s okay to show in the trailer and Alastair attempts (briefly) to unpick the real geopolitical implications of the Sokovia Accords. The second half of this chat is also up now, click here!

If you enjoyed this snippet and want to hear our broader, less spoilery chat about the film (along with other stuff), our full review is in MFV #6, which you can get by clicking here.

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