captain-america-civil-war-trailers-clipsOur sixth episode is here, a few days late but overloaded with A-list geek franchises to compensate! We’ve got a brief chat about the new Doctor Who companion announcement (2:19), and then full-on segments for Captain America: Civil War (4:10), the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere (26:15) and the whole of Better Call Saul season 2 (37:08).

And then, in the forever-anonymous recommendation feature (47:48), we discuss Blue Velvet, the odd David Lynch mystery thriller suggested by Alastair. Plus a musical treat at the start and we establish the first rule of the MFV drinking game!

INEVITABLE NOTE ON SPOILERS: We attempted not to flat-out describe the plot points (especially the ending) of Captain America: Civil War, but we discuss it for just over twenty minutes, so inevitably stuff like the shape of the story and the role of certain characters leaks through. If you want to remain totally spoiler free, recommend not listening until you’ve seen it, or using the timestamps provided above to skip the segment.

An Excessive Fantasy Violence special should follow on this very website in the next few days – as soon as Nick has edited it – where we do discuss Civil War plot spoilers with reckless abandon. Follow us on Twitter at @MFVPodcast to be notified as soon as that happens.

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