This fortnight, Nick and Alastair return to big-name supercinema with The Suicide Squad, before reminding themselves of the inside world with Biohackers season 2.

In fact, there’s an uncanny amount of new cinema in this episode, as Nick’s talking about surreal French fashion-murder film Deerskin, while Alastair’s seen Edgar Wright’s rockumentary The Sparks Brothers.

Then, at last, The Suicide Squad (9:04) arrives to show us the fun, happy, almost uplifting side of murder. Surprisingly few spoilers in this one.

And in a short flashback to the pandemic world, Nick and Alastair return to the bizarre world of Biohackers (21:49) to see if the second season can live up to the first.

Meanwhile, Nick’s next comics Kickstarter launched the actual same day as this podcast – it’s FairyFare with his Little Deaths of Watson Tower collaborator Rosie Alexander, the story of the fairies finally joining the gig economy. Click on through to check it out.

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