twin peaks the returnThirty seven minutes in heaven! Nick and Alastair begin on a pleasingly literate note, looking back on MR Carey’s The Boy On The Bridge (follow-up to his previously-praised The Girl With All The Gifts) and From Hell, classic Jack The Ripper graphic novel by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell.

alien covenantBut the big story this fortnight is Twin Peaks: The Return (8:59), the much-anticipated new series!And if you want more Peaks-casting, you can try the Diane podcast, as recommending by Nick basically every time Twin Peaks is mentioned on MFV.

If that wasn’t enough nostalgic reviving for one episode, Nick and Alastair also saw Alien: Covenant (28:23), the eighth film in the long-running franchise! And Mindhorn (43:19), a new British comedy about nostalgic revivals!

my_dad_wrote_a_pornoBut our heroes step into the modern world eventually with My Dad Wrote A Porno (52:54), the popular podcast about self-published erotica.

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