Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Vol-2-wallpaperThirty six more chances to win! This fortnight, Nick finally watches premium telly classic Deadwood, while Alastair saw Bunch of Kunst, a documentary film about his beloved Sleaford Mods. Also: how has their Mod listening progressed since the album review in MFV #31?

Most excitingly, though, it’s Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (8:10), the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film of the year! After that, almost as anticipated, it’s the first episode of American Gods (23:57), Bryan Fuller’s weirdly angled TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel.

gorillaz humanzNext, Nick’s taste in music takes its turn for a pasting, as they review new Gorillaz album Humanz (33:58).

Lastly, a truly inevitable recommendation section, as Alastair pitches some classic Doctor Who (47:20) – specifically, the Tom Baker story Genesis of the Daleks.

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